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Revision & Refund Policy


Revision should be requested within two weeks from the date of delivery.


  1. If you ever come across any fix with the payment process like if you have been charged twice due to the technical glitch or anything, by all means we are liable to leave you satisfied by refunding the extra amount transferred. All you need to do is just let us know as early as possible.

  2. We can always assure you about our writing services since we always designate the best possible person to do justice with the assigned work. However, if we don’t find a writer, which is otherwise, a rare case, we retaliate for the loss and promise you to do another assignment with similar value. Moreover, it will be done to compensate for the previous one and therefore, you won’t be required to pay for it.

  3. Before proceeding with your order, you are required to provide all the necessary details and other specifications. To make it more promising, we have our own strategy to make sure that your grades don’t fall in case the deadline is not met as we upgrade the quality of the upcoming submission.

  4. The main aim of this firm is to ensure the satisfaction of customers. We keep on doing the renovation until you are content and happy with the work. Our writers endeavor to meet the work requirements and guidelines provided to them. Rework will be accepted with a time frame of 14 days. Any demands proposed beyond this time interval won’t be entertained and we have no refund policy here as well.

  5. If the assignment ends up attaining a fail grade, which is quite an unusual situation, No money will be refunded. You can ask for rework by providing a valid proof to us for the task gone unsuccessful. This too is valid within a period of one month. Any claims made after this time interval won’t be admitted. Since, writers are paid in advance and we can’t expect them to pay back for the loss. Though, we required action is taken against the writers by avoiding their services for future projects.

  6. No other cash refund policies are entertained until or unless they fall under the second major clause aforementioned.