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(Solved): WPC300 Quiz 3...

Question 1

Regular consumption of organic food will keep you in a good mood. In this example, the confounder could be

  •   people's mood
  •   organic foodect!
  •   Money
  •   work ethics


Question 2

Which of the following is true about A/B testing?

  •   You should test multiple elements of your landing page at a time and compare.orrect!
  •   To increase conversion rate of your website traffic, A/B testing can be beneficial.
  •   A neutral result on an A/B testing means you correctly performed the test.
  •   You need to attend WPC 300 course to learn about A/B Testing.


Question 3

After controlling factors such as socioeconomic status, researchers found that music students had a higher SAT score than non-music students. This is an example of __________.Correct!

  •   Experimental study
  •   Observational Study
  •   Comparative study
  •    Non-standard study


Question 4

A _______________ is a relationship between two variables that appear to have interdependence or association with each other but actually do not

  • .  spurious correlation
  •    positive correlation
  •    negative correlation
  •    non-correlation


Question 5

The first step for any kind of A/B testing is 

  •   to execute test according to the plan.!
  •   to develop a test plan for what you want to test.
  •    to determine how we want to evaluate the performances?
  •    to develop a tracking URL.


Question 6

In the experimental design example "IQ Water", students are called _______.

  •   measurement units
  •    response variable
  •   experimental units
  •    treatments


Question 7

A/B testing can help marketers to

  •   All of the answers are correct
  •    Increase more sales
  •    Increase more clicks to their website
  •    Increase more likes to their social media sites


Question 8

A sample study is mostly done 

  •   to estimate the parameters of the population.
  •    to establish causality in a controlled environment
  •    to rule out any spurious correlation in the data.
  •    to learn how different parameters in the population behave together.


Question 9

An experiment is said to be double-blinded  if _________

  •   neither the subject nor those working with the subject is aware of who is being given which treatment
  •    a placebo is given to some of the subjects
  •    the researcher is not aware of the confounding effect
  •    the researchers only observes the variables of interest


Question 10

Which of the following statements is NOT true about experimental studies to compare two treatments?

  •   We can design experiments so that the error in the comparison is small.
  •   It is not easy to control uncertainties in the comparison..
  •    Experiments allow us to set up a direct comparison between the treatments of interest.
  •    We can design experiments to minimize any bias in the comparison.




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