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Quiz 6: Logistic

Started: Feb

Quiz Instructions


Question 1        1 pts

In classification analysis, we are determining the probability of an observation ________.

Group of answer choices

  • To be undefined
  • To be one
  • To be part of a certain class or not
  • To be zero


Question 2        1 pts

A loan officer wants to know if the next customer is likely to default or not on a loan. How can she assess the risk of extending the loan to that customer?

Group of answer choices

  • By utilizing a simple linear regression model developed by an in-house analyst
  • By asking his colleague if he knows the person
  • By asking the customer if he is planning to default the loan or not
  • By utilizing a multiple logistic regression model developed by an in-house analyst


Question 3       1 pts

In classification analysis, we typically split the data into two mutually exclusive sets, known as ________, to investigate the strength of the developed model.

Group of answer choices

  • Training and Binary
  • Training and validation/testing
  • Binary and numeric
  • Testing and validation

Question 4       1 pts

Odds ratio is defined as ________, where p is the probability of success.

Group of answer choices

  • p/1-p
  • 1/p-1
  • p/p-1
  • 1/1-p


Question 5         1 pts

The ________ is often used to describe the performance of a classification model applied to a set of test data for which the true outcomes are known.

Group of answer choices

  • Effect summary table
  • ANOVA table
  • Parameter estimates table
  • Confusion matrix


Question 6       1 pts

If you want to find out if body weight, calorie intake, fat intake and age have an influence on the probability of having a heart attack (yes or no), which of the following kind of analysis will help determine the answer?

Group of answer choices

  • Multiple logistic regression
  • Simple logistic regression
  • Simple linear regression
  • Multiple linear regression


Question 7          1 pts

In classification problems, the primary source for accuracy estimation of the model is ________.

Group of answer choices

  • Probability of success
  • Logit
  • Confusion matrix
  • Odds ratio


Question 8     1 pts

In logistic regression analysis, instead of Y as a dependent variable, we use a function of Y called ________.

Group of answer choices

  • Logit
  • Odds
  • Odds ratio
  • Log of Y


Question 9       1 pts

Logistic regression is a specialized type of regression analysis that is designed to predict ________ variables.

Group of answer choices

  • independent
  • numeric dependent
  • a binary numeric
  • a binary categorical


Question 10        1 pts

In logistic regression, the dependent variable y is defined as:

Group of answer choices

  • Log (p/1-p)
  • Log(1/p)
  • Log (1/1-p)
  • Log (1-p)


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