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(Solved): WPC 300 Lab 2: Advanced Excel score 100%...

Lab 2: Advanced Excel

Quiz Instructions

  • Datafile: Sample-Superstore.xlsx

  • Answer the following multiple-choice questions. 
  • Note: When you are asked to submit a screen capture, you need to make sure that your name is part of the capture.



Question 1 2 pts

How many records (rows) are there in the “Corporate” segment? 

Group of answer choices

  • 5191
  • 3020
  • 1783
  • 1593

Question 2 2 pts

Submit a screenshot of a pie-chart that demonstrates the total sales per segment.


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Question 32 pts

How many records (rows) are there in the “Home Office” segment that belong to central region of the market?

Group of answer choices





Question 4 2 pts

What is the total sale from customers in the East region that bought product in ‘Furniture’ category?

Group of answer choices





Question 5 2 pts

Provide a screenshot of a bar chart of Sales in different regions by market segment.


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Question 6 2 pts

What is the total 4th quarter profit in the year 2016?

Group of answer choices





Question 7 2 pts

Show a visual display (bar chart) of total quantity sold, total sales and total profit for different subcategories of products sold by the store. Submit a screenshot.


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Question 82 pts

Which of the following subcategories of products experienced the largest total loss?

Group of answer choices





Question 9 2 pts

Which State experienced the largest profit for products in the ‘Technology’ category.   

Group of answer choices



New York


Question 10 2 pts

Create two slicers to filter data by regions and categories. Show how the sum of sales and sum profit change in an individual year using these filters. Upload your Excel file that demonstrates this feature in pivot table.


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