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(Solved): WPC 300: Homework Assignment | HOA-3 -Tony’s Pizza...

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Case Questions

  1. Is there sufficient evidence in the data to conclude that the average time to deliver a pizza, once the order is placed, is greater than 25 minutes? Perform an appropriate statistical analysis and attach any supporting output from JMP. [5 points]
  2. Does the day of the week have an effect on delivery time? Attach any supporting output from JMP for your answer. [5 points]
  3. Does the time of day have an effect on delivery time? Attach necessary supporting JMP output for your answer. [ 5points]
  4. Discuss Tony Scapelli’s data design and collection. Comment on any potential problems resulting from the way in which the data were collected. Would you recommend that he collect additional data in order to better evaluate the pizza delivery service? Explain. [5 points]
  5.  Based on your analysis of the data, what action (or actions) would you recommend to the owners of Tony’s Pizza to improve their operations? Attach any supporting JMP output that led to your conclusion. [5 points]

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