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(Solved): wpc 300 HOA #4 (USDemographics)...

WPC 300 

Hands on Assignment #4

A well thought out “wellness campaign” could potentially supports hundreds of thousands of people who struggle with their health and weight related chronic conditions. You want to develop a new “wellness” campaign across different States in the US. With limited resources at hand, your task is to get the most return on your investment. Develop a cluster analysis using the file “USDemographics.jmp” to find a group of States that you would like to target initially for your campaign for preliminary market studies.
1. Use the following attributes to run “hierarchical clustering” and “k-means clustering”. Explain in few sentences what you find from each method. You must support your answers by providing relevant screen shots from JMP analysis. [7.5 pts +7.5 pts]
Attributes that you should use for your analysis are:
Household income
Physical Activity
Alcohol consumption
2. Show the states in the map that you are planning to target for your campaign based on “hierarchical” and “k-means” clustering. [2.5 pts + 2.5 pts]
3. Summarize (in few sentences) your results and explain why the cluster analysis is helpful for the study of “wellness campaign” across the states. [5 pt.]
One word documents with all necessary screen shots from JMP analysis and your answers to all questions.
You must write your student name and student ID on the first page of the document. All answers should be in double space, 11 point font.

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