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WPC 300
Assignment: Wellness Campaign
Wellness Campaign

Score for this: 100%

A well thought out “wellness campaign” could potentially supports hundreds of thousands of people who struggle with
their health and weight related chronic conditions. You want to develop a new “wellness” campaign across different
States in the US. With limited resources at hand, your task is to get the most return on your investment. Develop a
cluster analysis using the file “USDemographics.jmp” to find a group of States that you would like to target initially for
your campaign for preliminary market studies.
Attributes that you should use for your analysis are:
Household income: Mean household income (in dollars)
Population: Number of residents (in millions)
Obese: Percentage of residents classified as obese
Physical Activity: Percentage of residents who have competed in a physical activity in the past month
Smokers: Percentage of residents who smoke
Alcohol consumption: Percentage of residents who drink large quantities of alcoholic beverages on a regular







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