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(Solved): WPC 300 : Assignment 8: Clustering Analysis Started: Oct ...

Assignment 8: Clustering Analysis
Started: Oct 

Quiz Instructions
•    Read the Assignment Instructions.
•    Start with datafile: US Demographics.jmp
•    Change the file name to: YourFirstName_YourLastName_Assignment8.jmp
•    You must use JMP to answer the following multiple-choice questions. 
•    Note: When you are asked to submit a screen capture, you need to make sure that your name is part of the capture. 

Question 1                          2.5 pts
Execute a hierarchical clustering to find out the segmentation among the US states based on the attributes mentioned in the instructions.  Submit parallel plots diagram to show the number of clusters obtained from the analysis. Make sure to show different colors for the different clusters.
Hint: put "State" into "Label."
Upload (attached) 

Question 2                           2.5 pts
Based on the hierarchical clustering analysis, which cluster of States have low population and low physical activities comparing to other clusters?

  • Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky
  • California, Texas, New York
  • Kansas, Idaho, Michigan
  • Tennessee, Alaska, Ohio

Question 3                                 2.5 pts
For a wellness campaign, where your goal is to create awareness for people’s health and weight related chronic illnesses (such as obesity), which cluster (based on hierarchical clustering analysis) would be an ideal target for an initial launch?

  • Cluster #1
  • Cluster #3
  • Cluster #2
  • Cluster #4

Question 4                       2.5 pts
Based on the hierarchical clustering analysis, submit a screenshot of the appropriate US map with colored clusters of the States. 
Upload (attached) 
Question 5                       2.5 pts
Which of the following statements is true about cluster #4 from the hierarchical clustering analysis?

  • High household income and high physical activity
  • High population and high obesity
  • Low household income & low obesity
  • Low population and very high obesity

Question 6                       2.5 pts
Execute a k-means clustering analysis using the same data attributes with a cluster range between 3 and 15. How many distinct clusters did you find from your analysis?

  • 10
  • 6
  • 4
  • 8

Question 7                     2.5 pts
Based on the K-Means clustering analysis in Q6 , what are the States that don’t cluster together?

  • Kansas & New Mexico
  • California & Utah
  • Texas & Florida
  • Colorado & Minnesota

Question 8                        2.5 pts
Based on K-means clustering analysis, which two States would appropriate for launching your campaign?

  • Colorado & Minnesota
  • New York and Texas
  • Alabama & Mississippi
  • Maryland & New Jersey

Question 9             2.5 pts
Based on K-means clustering, which of the following States you definitely won’t choose to run your wellness campaign?

  • Louisiana
  • West Virginia
  • Oklahoma
  • Vermont

Question 10                   2.5 pts
Submit the JMP file with saved scripts for hierarchical and k-means clustering.


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