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(Solved): WPC 300 Assignment 7: Logistic Regression- Start with datafile SchoolAdmission.jmp...



WPC 300

Assignment: School Admission

The IS department of Brooks University has been collecting data for last few years of their applicants’ pool for the “Master’s In business Analytics” program who eventually got admitted to the program. The data variables in the file “SchoolAdmission.jmp” constitutes the following information.




1 if the individual was admitted to the graduate school and 0 otherwise.


GRE (Graduate Record Examination) Score received by the applicant


Undergraduate GPA scored by the applicant


Rank of the undergraduate school, Institutions with a rank of 1 have the highest prestige, while those with a rank of 4 have the lowest.


You have been tasked to develop a model to predict candidate’s admission to the program that the school could potentially use to develop a new recruitment campaign. The school understands that targeting the right students would result in saving money in their marketing endeavor.

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Note: The solution contains jmp file with solution to all questions, open the jmp file and run the questions to see answers

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