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(Solved): We Did An Experiment For The Analytical Figures Of Merit. We Used Different Volumes Of Pipet: 1mL,3m...

We did an experiment for the analytical figures of merit. We used different volumes of pipet: 1mL,3mL,5mL,7mL, and 25mL then weigh the water dispensed from each pipet. We made a plot x-axis for the volume of pipet (mL) and the y-axis for the mass of water (g).

We found linear equation y=mx+b. It was y=0.9634x + 0.0073. Then, we were asked to find sensitivity which was the slope of calibration. In this case, 0.9634. The question for this is what is the property of the solvent being measured and is the slope of calibration fits water and explain.

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