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(Solved): The Scenario: The Global Olympic Game Project...

The Scenario: The Global Olympic Game Project
You have just been hired as a Consultant/Supplier by the Global Olympic Game Committee to manage all the internal and external risks that can negatively impact the upcoming Olympic Games' successful execution in Nigeria-West Africa.

The project is known as the Global Olympic Game Project and your task is to produce a report addressing risk management that will be handled by a team that you will lead.

Your risk management report should discuss the risk challenges and mitigation strategies you and your team will implement for the Global Olympic Games that will take place for 27 days in Nigeria in West Africa.

Be sure that your paper, at a minimum, answers each of the following directives:
? How will your team plan for Schedules, Resources, and Scope risks for the Olympic Games?

? Thoroughly explain how your team will manage security of the participants and officials on and off the competition venues.

? Identify the high impact of negative risks that may occur, and evaluate each with respect to the threat presented by the risk, the vulnerability that creates the risk, and the impact the risk event would have if it actually occurred.

? Categorize the identified risks into qualitative and quantitative risk buckets. Will the qualitative or quantitative risks be easier to manage? Please support your rationales.

? How will some of the identified risks be simulated? Which of the risks will be accepted and which ones will be transferred? Why?

? Using your evaluation of the risks, identify alternatives to reduce the Global Olympic Games’ project risk exposure, and explain why you think each will be effective.

? Identify some key Global Olympic Games project constraints. What are the risks associated with each constraint? How would these constraints be effectively managed?

? How will your project team react to UNKNOWN risk events when they materialize? What are your UNKNOWN risk response plans?

? How will your team monitor and control the key Global Olympic Games identified risks?

? How will the risk plans be documented and communicated, and to whom?

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Global Game Olympic: Risk management plan



  The Global Olympic game is a competition for sports that occur internationally, and more than 200 states participate. These games occur every four years, but two years apart. For these games to happen, much more has to be prepared and not only participating in the games as we all think. It is the role of the host country to prepare stadiums and ensure a conducive environment to favor these games. For instance, the FIFA games will happen next in Ethiopia in 2026. The plans for this country are to ensure that the games will be held successfully. All the departments will be assigned to the role that will facilitate the preparedness for the whole event.

The Global Game also faces various risks as it takes place. A committee is made to ensure that it can plan adequately and try to mitigate the risks that might occur and also foresee others for the purposes of preparedness. This committee, therefore, decided to hire my team to manage both the internal and external risks that can impact the upcoming Olympics.

My team will develop a risk management plan by identifying risk and creating a risk register by following various steps including identifying the risk, analyzing risk, evaluating risk, treating risk and monitoring risk. After this, the team will come up with a list of resources required to manage those risks and especially the budget for that. This will help to know where we should start as a team whether to start with the internal, the external or even deal with both of them simultaneously. The scope of the risk will be through checking the most common risks that are faced by the Olympic, work breakdown structure, conducting interviews with the participants of the Global Olympic game, cause, and effect analysis, and diagrams, among other ways that will be necessary.  Those ways will help us know precisely the risk, its purpose, how frequent it occurs, the impact it has on these games, and how we can control or mitigate them. My team will come up with the steps of identifying risk up to the last level (Jennings, 2012).

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