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(Solved): TEL 431 L6: Quiz...

TEL431 L6: Quiz 

  • Due Nov 22 at 11:59pm


This quiz is open note and is not timed. This quiz is comprehensive and covers information from all readings/videos in this lesson overview and learning materials page, including any that are embedded in the activity template.

Score for this quiz: 20 out of 20

Submitted Nov 21

Question 1

2 / 2 pts

According to Brene Brown, vulnerability is really about

  •   lifestyle
  •    listening
  •   collaborating
  •   connecting

Question 2

2 / 2 pts

The one thing Brown believes is most "unravels" our ability to relate to one another is shame. Brown defines shame as the fear of being disconnected.

  •   True
  •    False 

Question 3

2 / 2 pts

According to Brown's work, worthiness, defined as a strong sense of love and belonging, is the one trait that sets apart those who are courageous from those who are not.

  •   True
  •   False

Question 4

2 / 2 pts

Being courageous and being brave are the same thing.

  •   True
  •    False

 Question 5

2 / 2 pts

Worthy people have the courage to be _________, and they fully embrace vulnerability.

  •   brave
  •   imperfect
  •   bold 
  •   lovable

 Question 6

2 / 2 pts

According to Brown, vulnerable people view being courageous as __________.

  •   a necessity.
  •   an important character trait.
  •   necessary for collaboration.
  •   an important factor for workplace success.

Question 7

2 / 2 pts

Brown explains that we are imperfect and hardwired for struggle. When uncertain situations create emotion, and that when humans numb their emotions in uncertain situations, they might also numb positive emotions like joy, gratitude, and happiness. This could have detrimental effects. Instead, Brown suggests we practice gratitude and joy in those moments of terror, because "to feel this vulnerable means I'm alive."

  •   True
  •   False
  •    Brown does not address this in her TEDTalk.

 Question 8

2 / 2 pts

Evaluation by a supervisor is the most traditional form of workplace performance review. In a 360 Assessment, the supervisor ___________.

  •   is not included in the process; but is necessary that the supervisor reviews the results with the employee in order that it be a sanctioned process.
  •   is not included in the process.
  •    should be included in order to provide a comprehensive picture of an employee's performance.
  •   has to be included otherwise results are invalid.
  •    all of the above 

Question 9

2 / 2 pts

The 360 Assessment process is valuable because

  •   it provides accurate information related to professional performance.
  •   it addresses multiple perspectives that are helpful in viewing teamwork, employee development, and customer relations. 
  •   it provides insight into difficult work-related struggles. 
  •   it is initiated by the employee, not the supervisor.

 Question 10

2 / 2 pts

In a 360 Assessment, the individuals rate themselves. This creates a situation where the employee feels a fair and well-rounded performance appraisal has been conducted.

  •   True 
  •   False



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