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(Solved): TEL 431 L5: Quiz 2021...

TEL 431 L5: Quiz 2021


This quiz is open note and is not timed. This quiz is comprehensive and covers information from all readings/videos in this lesson overview and learning materials page, including any that are embedded in the activity template. 

Question 1

2 / 2 pts

______________ is a social anthropologist who developed the situated learning theory. She believes knowing and learning should take place/be situated in environments with other engaged people.

  •   Jean Piaget
  •   Albert Bandura
  •   Etienne WengerCorrect!
  •   Jean Lave

Question 2

2 / 2 pts

Definition of situated learning: Learning that happens when a person is in a real-world situation and they interact with other people. In such cases, attaining specific learning objectives is not the intention; instead, learning happens as a function of the individual's engagement with their surroundings.orrect!

  •   True 
  •   False 

Question 3

2 / 2 pts

When attention is focused less on individual learning and more on group learning, a community of practice develops. Individuals in a community of practice learn better because they interact regularly surrounding generating ideas about how to improve their shared "practice." Levels of involvement vary by individual.orrect!

  •   True 
  •   False

Question 4

2 / 2 pts

Situated learning environments usually yield low levels of engagement by individuals.

  •   TrueCorrect!
  •   False 

Question 5

2 / 2 pts

In its truest sense, situated learning is not always appropriate for PreK-12 students in public school environments because it’s difficult to manage the noise level of this age student.

  •   TrueCorrect!
  •   False 

Question 6

2 / 2 pts

Situated learningorrect!

  •   is embedded in real-life circumstances and is motivating.
  •   is expensive to replicate. 
  •   involves mentors and protégés.
  •   can never replace a communities of practice.

Question 7

2 / 2 pts

"Relationship" ___________ a key component in situated learning models.Correct!

  •   is 
  •   is not 
  •   can be 
  •   is seldom

Question 8

2 / 2 pts

Those who are followers of situated learning theorists believe

  •   textbooks are an appropriate method for delivering instruction.
  •   students who are lifelong learners are more apt to be successful as professionals.Correct!
  •   there is a strong connection between what is learned and how it is learned. 
  •   none of the above 
  •   all of the above 

Question 9

2 / 2 pts

Learning new vocabulary by looking up definitions in a dictionary

  •   Is effective because it offers scholarly and accurate information.Correct!
  •   Is not very effective because it does not account for the context in which words are used.
  •   Is effective because it includes abstract concepts.
  •   Is not very effective, according to case studies.

 Question 10

2 / 2 pts

Situated learning theorists believe learning is a continuous, life-long process that happens when one is engaged in situations.Correct!

  •   True 
  •   False



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