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(Solved): SWU250 Assignments |Critical Thinking Questions Chapters 6 & 7 Tools For Mindful Living and Chapter 4 Life By Personal Design...

1. List 3 benefits of getting enough rest and relaxation in your life and explain how they can help you personally.  Please support your statements with information from chapter 4 of Life By Personal Design.  Please use complete sentences.

2.  Choose an activity this week where you are purposely practice self-care and answer the following questions:

  • What was the activity?
  • How did you feel emotionally?  How did your body feel? What was your breath like?
  • Did you have en expectation of how you thought it should go or were you non-judgmental about the experience?
  • Would you change this experience in the future? Do things differently?  If yes, explain, if no, explain as well.

3. Go through the different stretches in chapter 6 of Tools and share your thoughts on 3 that you tried and liked.  What were the names of the stretches and why did you like them? Please use complete sentences.

4.  Chapter 7 of Tools focuses on senses.  Share how you can use each of the following 5 senses to be mindful. Please use complete sentences.






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Life by personal design


1. Chapter 4.Benefits of getting enough rest and relaxation

One of the benefits of getting enough rest and relaxation is that I get to lower the risk of weight gain. Sleep helps me put my weight on check. Since I am a student, getting .....

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