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(Solved): Select A Business Idea To Implement And In Seven To Eight Pages, Can You Explain The Following? Prop...

Select a business idea to implement and in seven to eight pages, can you explain the following?

Propose the value proposition of the product or service the business will offer and explain the rationale.

Outline the competitive market and the industry in which the business will operate.

Determine at least two (2) strategies of each for protecting the following: the branding the logo the product technology Suggest methods to test the product idea for feasibility.

Suggest at least three (3) strategies to incentivize the founding management team.

Estimate the amount of cash needed to start the business.

Provide a rationale to support your estimation.

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Introduction :- Human Resourcing Consulting Business Plan Company Name Maggie Human Resourcing Consulting Executive Summary:- Maggie Human Resources Consulting Company Located in Texas United St
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