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SCN 307 Biomimicry


 Scored 15 out of 15

Question 1
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Who is known as the father of biodiversity?

  • J Benyus
  • Darwin
  • John Muir
  • E.O. Wilson

Question 2
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An important biomimicry principle is...

  • To improve on the creation and use of technologies.
  • To create more symbiotic relationships than what we destroy.
  • To find ways to bring technologies together in symbiotic clusters.
  • To reduce our dependency on natural resources.

Question 3
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What is biophilia?

  • An awareness about nature and your natural surroundings
  • A nature phobia
  • An instinctive love for all living things.
  • A phobia about wildlife

Question 4
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What are some examples of biomimicry from the Biomimicry Institute?

  • The beak of a kingfisher inspiring the development of the bullet train.
  • Humpback whales flippers inspiring more efficiency with wind power.
  • Termite mounds inspiring air circulation systems in buildings.
  • The burr inspiring Velcro and all of the above.

Question 5
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What are some components that should be included in a nature journal?
Choose the best answer.

  • descriptions, factual information and observations such as date, time, weather and overall impressions.
  • sketches, questions and the cost to enter your location.
  • observations about your surroundings and the ticket stub with cost to enter the park.
  • a black sheet of paper.

Question 6
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How can you change your focus when nature journaling?

  • drink coffee.
  • sit with your eyes closed.
  • only visit places where there are no people or noises.
  • focus on colors, details, and on light and dark details.

Question 7
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What is the goal of a closed loop system?

  • to have a system that lets nothing in
  • to increase individual species within the system
  • to create a process where nothing goes to waste
  • to create openings in the loop

Question 8
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What is EOL?

  • the Encyclopedia of Life.
  • the study of the energy of light
  • a new computer chip that is lightening fast.
  • the effectiveness of language.

Question 9
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How are we using natures design to solve our challenges?

  • by studying our failed attempts at innovation.
  • by identifying the root causes of our problems.
  • hrough practical designs that mimic nature and its sustainable design.
  • by dealing with the symptoms of our failures.

Question 10
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What project was an example of architecture resource efficiency?

  • A garden
  • Creating more energy than what is being used.
  • Using solar panels
  • A greenhouse

Question 11
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What are the three big changes that humans need to bring about?

  • Move from linear systems to closed loop systems. Use more solar energy. Mimic nature to solve our problems.
  • Move from a fossil fuel economy to a solar economy. Increase our resource efficiency. Move from linear to a closed loop systems.
  • To mimic nature. To become more sustainable. To reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • Reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Increase our resource efficiency. Become more sustainable.

Question 12
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Who pioneered EOL?

  • EO Wilson
  • Darwin
  • the Wright Brothers
  • Marie Currie

Question 13
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The purpose of echoing nature is...

  • to receive more rebates from the government
  • to be a more green society
  • to learn how to innovate smarter and sustain life with little impact
  • to change our way of life

Question 14
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Which animal has an adaptation that allows it to collect water for itself in the desert?

  • a snake
  • a javelina
  • a beetle
  • a coyote

Question 15
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Which of the following is an example of a closed loop system?

  • Restaurant food waste -> compostor creates methane gas from food waste -> methane gas used to provide electricity for restaurant
  • Goats are used to clear a field of grass -> the field is used to plant a garden -> garden produce is sold to a store
  • Mice are eaten by chickens -> chickens lay eggs -> humans eat the eggs
  • Dairy cows manure -> fertilizer for crops -> fertilizer grows healthier crops

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SCN 307 Biomimicry

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