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(Solved): Remember Units And How Much Water Is Added To Make The Final Volume. Show Your Work (c1v1=c2v2) A Yo...

Remember units and how much water is added to make the final volume. Show your work (c1v1=c2v2)

A You have a 100% ETOH solution. Make 50mL of 70% ETOH (ETOH=ethanol)
B You have 70% ETOH solution. Please make a 100mL solution of 30% ETOH.
C You have a 1:10 solution of PBS. Can you make a 1L solution of 2X PBS? Why or why not?
D Make a 1000uL 1/5 solution of red dye from a ½ solution.
E I isolated DNA from some cells and got 342ng/uL. Make a 50 uL solution of 50ng/uL. How much DNA total is in your 50uL solution.

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A) C1 *V1 =C2 *V2 100*X= 70*50 where X is the volume of 100% ethanol to be taken X=3500/100 =35 ml of 100 % ethanol Amount of water to be added to make 50ml of 70% ethanol =50-35=15ml B) C1* V1= C2*
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