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(Solved): WPC 300 - Quiz 2 Questions...

Question 1

Standard deviation of a normal data distribution is a ___________________

  •   Measure of data quality 
  •   Measure of data centrality 
  •   Measure of data shape 
  •   Measure of data dispersion

Question 2

Which of the following is true about A/B testing?

  •   To increase conversion rate of your website traffic, A/B testing can be beneficial.
  •   You should test multiple elements of your landing page at a time and compare
  •   A neutral result on an A/B testing means you correctly performed the test
  •    You need to attend WPC 300 course to learn about A/B Testing

Question 3

In the experimental design example "IQ Water", students are called  

  •   Experimental units 
  •   Treatments 
  •   Measurement units 
  •   Response variable 

Question 4

A researcher wants to find out if lack of exercise leads to weight gain. Which of the following variables could be considered as a confounder?  

  •   Time of exercise
  •   Age 
  •   Exercise level 
  •   Weight

Question 5

In inferential statistics, a _____________ is used to infer about a ______________.

  •   Population, sample
  •  Sample, population
  •   Sample, significance
  •   Population, significance 

Question 6

Regular consumptions of organic food will keep you in a good mood. In this example, the confounder could be  

  •   Money
  •  organic food
  •   people's mood
  •  work ethics

Question 7

What are the three principles of describing data?

  •   center, spread and shape
  •   Centrality, dispersion and size
  •   Dispersion, range and standard deviation
  •   Mean, median and mode

Question 8

For a normal distribution mean is _____________  median.

  •   sometime equal to
  •   Greater than
  • Less than
  •  Closely equal to

Question 9

When two variables are highly positively correlated, the correlation coefficient will be ______________

  •   Close to 0
  •  Close to -1
  •   Close to 1
  •  Close to 10

Question 10

What is the first step of running an A/B testing to improve website visits?

Hint: What do you do in any experimental design, in this case, design for A/B testing?

  •   Making assumptions about the behavior of the visitors to the site
  •   Establishing your success metric to improve site visits
  •   Establishing the conversion rate from the site visit
  •   Creating three variations for your landing page elements



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