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(Solved): phi360 Module 6 Quiz ...

Module 6 Quiz 

  • Due Nov 22 at 11:59pm


Please choose the best answer for the following questions:

Score for this quiz: 20 out of 20

Submitted Nov 18

This attempt took 90 minutes.


Question 1

2 / 2 pts

According to Galbraith, The Dependence Effect comes about when...

  •   ... companies depend on consumers for sales.
  •   ... marketing strategies are designed to discover what consumers want, then products are made to satisfy consumers.
  •   ... consumer desires are created by the process by which they are satisfied.
  •    ... production of products cannot go forward without interviewing the company's dependents.

 Question 2

2 / 2 pts

According to Savan, we are exposed to roughly how many advertisements in one day?

  •   16
  •   160
  •   16,000
  •    782

 Question 3

2 / 2 pts

Which of the following is a type of argumentative fallacy where the conclusion does not follow from the premises?

  •   DeMorgan's Fallacy
  •   Non Sequitur Fallacy
  •    Brain Freeze Fallacy 
  •   Prima Nocta Fallacy

 Question 4

2 / 2 pts

Which of the following is not considered by Goldman to be one of the ideal conditions for pure competition in free markets?

  •   Competition within industries among firms
  •   Fluidity of labor and capital
  •   Unregulated marketing content
  •   Perfect knowledge on the part of consumers
  •    Producer's knowledge of consumer demands

 Question 5

2 / 2 pts

Delivering marketing content comes with all of the normal rights that individuals have in terms of free speech and expression.

  •   True
  •   False

 Question 6

2 / 2 pts

____________________ is the argument that says we have a moral obligation to use our disposable income to help alleviate suffering rather than purchase "fluff" or luxury goods and services (as presented in this module).

  •   The Vagary Argument
  •    The Prime Ethics Argument
  •   The Affluence Argument
  •    The Shareholder Argument

 Question 7

2 / 2 pts

One of the results of the Dependence Effect, according to Galbraith, is that...

  •   ... people purchase products that they don't need instead of spending money on things they actually need.
  •    ... people end up disillusioned with life.
  •    ... people become dependent on their supervisors (all the way up the chain) to have a meaningful career.
  •    ... people abuse drugs more regularly in free market societies.

 Question 8

2 / 2 pts

In the text, von Hayek argues that...

  •   ... Galbraith's theory of The Dependence Effect is a good, sound theory. 
  •   ... Galbraith's theory of The Dependence Effect is unlikely and doesn't consider the impact of producing cultural goods.
  •    ... Galbraith's theory of the Dependence Effect is a clear example of how much we depend on technology.
  •   . free market societies are worse off than socialist societies.

 Question 9

2 / 2 pts

Following FTC regulations is all that is needed to ensure a marketing campaign is ethical.

  •   True
  •   False
  • Question 10

2 / 2 pts

Goldman believes that advertising has a way of dictating or censoring the content that accompanies that advertising by appealing to the "least common denominators".

  •   True
  •    False




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