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(Solved): Part A is the design and development of a website for Cannon Tech and part 2 is an evaluation report consisting of reflective commentary on task one....


Part A is the design and development of a website for Cannon Tech and part 2 is an evaluation report consisting of reflective commentary on task one.

Part A

You are progressing well as a junior web designer for a leading communications firm known as Cannon Tech Ltd. An opportunity has arisen   for you to work for a small client company known as Shoes4All. The company was established in 2014 with a view to expand its unique designs of footwear (Men, Women, and Kids) in their home town only.  As a result of the booming sales made by Shoes4All, while offering a wide range of footwear products through offline distribution channels, the demand for unique footwear designs has increased. The customers have put forward several queries about their online portfolio of footwear designs. Initially, there was no plan to sell products online, but Shoes4All has proved to be one of the fastest growing businesses and now needs an online presence. Shoes4All requires leading edge innovation, technology development and cutting-edge marketing campaigns that will help them surpass all the other brands in the world, in terms of popularity and sales.

They have two objectives:

  1. To promote their business through a website.
  2. To promote awareness of the importance of green spaces and the protection of the environment.


The client (Shoes4All) will use the website to project their presence and the services they offer. The client will also use the website as a contact tool with their customers. The website should be simple to use and must take account of customer experience in its design and development.. You will design a front-end website using suitable design tools and technologies such as Adobe brackets or sublime text-2, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Design documentation:  This should include annotated sketch diagrams/wire-frames; colour schemes and style patterns etc. Your report will show how you have addressed accessibility in your design e.g. checks on user input, and different colour patterns for the visually impaired.  

  • Development: This should include screen shots of the website and the original code for the site in plain text with code comments.
  • Testing and validation: Your work should include the following evidence for cross browser compatibility: link checking, a HTML & CSS validation check and steps taken to remove errors;


  1. Screen shots of the website running on at least two web browsers e.g. Internet Explorer or Google Chrome or any other browser for cross browser compatibility
  2. Screen shots of all website with working links.
  3. Screen shots of HTML & CSS validation including steps taken to remove any errors. (Hint: you could use https://validator.w3.org/ for HTML validation and https://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/ for CSS validation).
  • Deployment:  Setting up a WAMP/XAMPP server or any free hosting to demonstrate understanding of how to upload files on the internet. Screenshot evidence is required to demonstrate successful installation of a WAMP/XAMPP server for web hosting.




User Interface

A simple yet professional looking interface and system to link the pages (minimum four pages). The site should display a welcome message for customers and a brief background about the company.

Use of pictures and Tables

Users should be able to view pictures of services offered and business hours should also be displayed in table form.

Customer data

A system for receiving queries from customers.

Innovation (e.g. use of Google Maps etc.).

Contact area (preferably address map pulled from Google Maps, or similar).

Use of Audio/Visual Display

The use of HTML elements to embed a visual/audio object within the webpage to draw customers’ attention to the latest company news.

Browser Compatibility

Show evidence of cross-browser compatibility (at least 2 major browsers e.g. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer) for browser optimisation. Perform HTML/CSS validation and show steps taken to remove errors.


Successful installation of XAMPP or WAMP and evidence of deploying and running the website from a local server.


Part B: Reflection and Evaluation Report

Write a self-reflective commentary about your website design and development, testing and deployment techniques.

Having created your website project, you should write a self-reflective commentary (1000 words) critically reflecting on your project. Your commentary should critically explore the work you have done to produce your project. Your commentary should show evidence of your reading and research and use Harvard referencing. Your reflection is a chance to look back on what you have down and to revisit key design and technical decisions you made.  You will evaluate these decisions and their impact to determine future enhancements in your solution as well as your own abilities to work as web designer.






You should justify and reflect on the decisions made regarding the choice of design, development and use of technologies. On reflection, you should discuss strengths and weaknesses of your design, development methods and choices as well as technologies used to develop the website solution. You should also discuss if it was better for you to have used design and development methods and technologies. You should cite your references/sources to support your arguments.

Usability and Accessibility

You should discuss your strategy you used to create user friendly and accessible web site using usability and accessibility principles and guidelines. Discuss how would you change anything and if so, why?

Further Enhancements

With the benefit of your experience on the project what else could you have done to make your solution even better for your client?  




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