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(Solved): PAF300: Assignments | Final Project Final Paper...

This assignment is the last step in your final project. The steps are as follows:

1. Selection of agency.

2. Draft Paper.  

3. Peer Review

4. Final Paper. Utilizing peer review suggestions and instructor comments, revise and submit final paper. 

You are the head of a public or nonprofit agency. You have been asked to present your plan for agency reform to the community. Address each of the following problems and concerns utilizing what you have learned, and identify the approach you will take, and justify your approach. You will create a 5 to 7 page APA paper outlining your plan and a one page bulleted summary of your plan as an appendix. 

1. You know that public managers must pursue their organizational, professional, and personal goals within an agency world characterized by "tight money, uppity workers, and loose organization."   For each of these three problems, develop at least one approach/solution.

2. Much has been made about the trend to "privatize" public services in recent years. As the head of your agency, with the responsibility to make decisions concerning privatization, what organization, financial, and human resource issues would you consider in making such decisions, what decision making process will you utilize, and will you privatize?

3. How will you be accountable to the public? To internal stakeholders? To agency partners? Identify at least two methods to use communication technology or social media to increase accountability.

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