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(Solved): MGT320: Cafe Cupcake Quiz...

MGT320: Cafe Cupcake Quiz

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Question 1

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Why did Davis and Basset create and disseminate a formal handbook of policies and procedures for all business activities  to their growing chain of Cupcake  restaurants?

  •   They wanted to stifle employee initiative
  •   They wanted to spend more time with each cafe as their business grew
  •   They wanted a way to insure consistent product quality and customer service
  •   They wanted to imitate their competitors rather than differentiate themselves from Panera Bread Company or La Madeleine

 Question 2

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The formal handbook of policies and policies   led to an assistant manager at the Perimeter Mall location to refuse a large customer order because the customer ordered slight changes in regular menu items (which led to a negative  published customer tweet about the manager).

  •   True
  •   False

Question 3

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Which of the following are characteristics of the Owner-Manager  Program introduced by Jonathan Patel? Choose one or more answers

  •   Store managers had the authority to hire new staff at their restaurants
  •   Store managers could give spot bonuses to employees exhibiting exemplary service
  •   Store managers had the authority to conduct promotions at their restaurants
  •   Store managers could freely change the menu to include hamburgers, pizza, or fried chicken for dinner 

Question 4

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Recent   satisfaction survey as well as Glassdoor. com postings by front-line employees and managers revealed which of the following:

  •   Store managers believe that they can easily meet restaurant demands and have time to complete all tasks and duties 
  •   Frontline employees believe that all--if not most--store managers adhere to training and policies laid out in the handbook
  •   Virtually all frontline employees strongly believe that "quality and service standards have been clearly articulated" at Cupcake restaurants
  • . Store managers feel overworked and underpaid 

Question 5

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Why does Jonathan Patel  disagree with the leadership team's plan to grow more rapidly and add more restaurant locations   nationally? 

  • He believed that the current Human Resource Management systems are too informal and uncoordinated to serve a national chain of restaurants
  •   He wanted to add more high-fat foods to attract more customers before expanding nationally
  •   He believed that they should expand the direct business first before adding more cafe locations
  •   He feared that customers outside the South would reject Southern comfort food as being too unhealthy



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