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(Solved): M1: E-Ticket Quiz : SCN 307 - Biomimicry : Score 100% ( 15 out of 15 )...

M1: E-Ticket Quiz
SCN 307 - Biomimicry

Question 1
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What does Biomimicry mean?

  • It is Latin for life and mimicry.
  • It is Greek for life and imitation.
  • It is Latin for understanding life.
  • It is Greek for understanding life.

Question 2
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What is Biomimicry?

  • It is learning from the earth.
  • It is mimicing the world around us to be smarter.
  • It is the belief that we can find the solutions to all our needs by learning from nature.
  • It is the study of nature on Planet Earth.

 Question 3
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What was Velcro was fashioned after?

  • the barbs from barb wire.
  • the spirs from the earwig plant.
  • the burrs of the burdock plant.
  • the barbs from the legs of a fly.

Question 4
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What do solar cells do? Choose the best answer.

  • take sunlight and turn it into heat.
  • convert mechanical energy into electricity.
  • convert sunlight directly into electricity.
  • covert heat into energy.

Question 5
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What are Speedo swimsuits fashioned after?

  • dolphin skin texture
  • whale skin
  • shark skin
  • shark teeth

Question 6
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They mimicked birds for this product.

  • The Windel brothers - the jet plane
  • the Watson brothers - the boomerang
  • The Carson brothers - the bullet train
  • The Wright brothers - the airplane

Question 7
1 / 1 pts
All are examples of biomimicry except...

  • Deep Blue, the chess machine
  • airplanes
  • potato chips
  • solar panels

Question 8
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What is an example of a 'closed loop' system?

  • an assembly line
  • a school cafeteria
  • a forest
  • a recycle center

Question 9
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What is an example of systems biomimicry?

  • The Frito-Lay in Arizona where they are 100% energy efficient.
  • The Frito-Lay in Arizona where the factory recycles most of the water used, burns the leftover sludge and has solar panels to run the plant.
  • The Frito-Lay in Arizona where the company produces enough energy to run 75% of the plant off the grid.
  • The Frito-Lay in Arizona where they do not throw any excess food away but give it to food banks.

Question 10
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What was created to mimic the workings of the brain?

  • A mainframe computer that can drive a plane.
  • Deep Blue a computer that bested the world chess champion.
  • A mainframe computer the size of a basketball that monitors an entire cities utilities.
  • The Supercomputer Blue Quest that runs the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

Question 11
1/ 1 pts
What is MIT working on?

  • a computer chip that can be implanted in the brain to assist the deaf.
  • a computer chip that will power speech from typed dialogue
  • a radio chip that resembles the cochlear of the ear and is able to catch different radio signals.
  • a radio chip that will interpret brain wave signals

Question 12
1 / 1 pts
What is an example of an invention modeled after nature?

  • collecting fog from leaf drip tips
  • a flower with a spiral petal pattern
  • the bullet train from the beak and head of a kingfisher
  • sticky materials from the coating of a spiders web

Question 13
1 / 1 pts
What is the goal of AskNature?

  •  to organize all biological information by design and engineering.
  • to list forms and functions of living things to better understand nature.
  • to list and describe nature innovations used for solving human problems.
  • to organize all the wildlife on the planet

Question 14
1 / 1 pts
What is EOL?

  • a computer program where research can be conducted to learn about biological advancements.
  • a website that list all the biological information of living things in the USA
  • a website where you can pose questions and get answers from scientist.
  • a collection of biological information for living things on the planet.

Question 15
1/ 1 pts
What is the Biomimicry Guild working on?

  • Biomimicry innovations and successes.
  • building cities that do as well ecologically as the native systems they replace.
  • building networks where companies public and private can learn who to be more efficient and sustainable.
  • A website that list all of the advancements in biomimicry.

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