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(Solved): Introducing JOptionPane. The Learning Goal For This Exercise Is To Interact With A User With JOption...

Introducing JOptionPane.

The Learning Goal for this exercise is to interact with a user with JOptionPane and use that instead of Scanner for user input and output.

PowerShell or Terminal is not a standard way that users interact with programs. Windows and dialog boxes are very natural. JOptionPane will allow you to get information to and from a user.

Create a Calculator that will calculate the grade in this course.

_Create a Java Program that can calculate your final grade based on:

_Attendance 10% (In order to receive any attendance credit, you must earn at least 6 of the 10 points.), Weekly quizzes 10%, weekly class assignments 10%, lab 10%, project1 20%,project 2 20%, homework 40% ...The grading scale expected to be used is: A >= 90% > B >= 80% > C >= 70% > D >= 60% > F... Late work will receive a 30% reduction.

_Use a dialog box to welcome the user and tell them what the program does.

_For Attendance, enter the points earned, from 0-13, but follow the rules for no points if less than 6 points are earned.

_For gather quizzes, use the average of the quizzes from 0-10

_For all other categories, use a 0-100 scale for the total grade in that category (not individual grades) and then weight it just as described in the syllabus.

_Each click of OK will enter the grade being asked for and move to the next grade.

_When asking for a grade, include what the grade is for and then give the expected range as an example.

_After all grades are entered, display the numeric grade with 2 decimal places. example 92.54 and the letter grade earned.

_Accept user input and display output through JOptionPanes - do not use System.out.print...

_Use the javac command to compile your code.

_Use the java command to evaluate the results of your code.

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There seems to be a problem with the percentage in the given problem (all the percentages add to 110%). But, the solution in java source code is given below:- //---------------------------------------
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