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(Solved): For Each Reaction Displayed, Predict The Sign Of The Entropy Change, ΔrS∘. A. Ag+(aq)+Br−(aq)â†...

For each reaction displayed, predict the sign of the entropy change, ΔrS∘.

A. Ag+(aq)+Br−(aq)→AgBr(s)

B. 2KClO3(s)→2KCl(s)+3O2(g)
C. 2N2O5(g)→4NO2(g)+O2(g)
D. C7H16(g)+11O2(g)→7CO2(g)+8H2O(g)
E. H2O(l)→H2O(s)

F. P4(g)+5O2(g)→P4O10(s)  

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