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(Solved): Firstly, Identify Your Workplace And Department Where You Are Working 1) What Are The Business Ethic...

Firstly, identify your workplace and department where you are working

1)    What are the Business Ethics Policies in your company or workplace -summarize the most important in ten points? Why are these important for your organization?

2)    Various Ethical issues are being confronted by your organization on a daily basis. Which are the most critical and crucial Business Ethical issues affecting your Organization on a daily basis. Please write a few examples and what decisions were taken by your top management to control the Organization to make it more ethical. (misconduct, stealing, theft, misuse, fraud, cheat on time, harassment, ill-treatment, cybercrime, favoritism, injustice, disrespect, bad rumors, insults, backbiting, causing loss, Environment issues reveling secrets, etc.)

3)    We assume that your organization has the best Business Ethics if so explain how your organization is satisfying all the external and internal stake holders like products, operations, markets, industry, and outcomes, Customers, Investors, Employees, Suppliers, Government agencies, Communities, Media, trade associations, and special interest groups

4)    Please Explain the extent to which your Organizational businesses ethics strategically meet their economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic social responsibilities

5)    The government has incorporated some “intolerance Laws” which of these are most important to your workplace or the organization, give five examples

6)    Since you have been working in your the workplace you notice some “Unethical Issues “which you do not report to the higher management. You are afraid for your job but if one employee sees and notices and experiences some ethical issues, do you think he /she must report this to the top management. Do you agree or you do not agree, why or why not.

7)    The UAE government has passed a law requiring housemaids and domestic servants to be given 12 hours’ rest with weekend offs and a minimum of 36 days leave in one year’s work. Why was this law enacted? Was there any Unethical issues do you think with the working hours of these housemaids.

8)    How will you incorporate a strong sense of Best Corporate Business Ethics in your Organization in case continuous intensive training development is given in your company for more than twenty years is not working at all. What steps will you undertake as a corporate Business Ethics Manager other than training and development which has not worked.


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