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(Solved): Earned-value Analysis. A Project Budget Calls For The Following Expenditures: Task Date Budgeted Amo...

Earned-value analysis. A project budget calls for the following expenditures:



Budgeted Amount

Build forms

April 1


Pour foundation

April 1


May 1


Frame walls

May 1


June 1


Remaining tasks

July 1 and beyond


Define each term in your own words, calculate these values for the above project, and show your work:

  1. Budgeted cost baseline (make a graph illustrating this one)
  2. Budget at completion (BAC)
  3. Planned value (PV) as of May 1
  4. Earned value (EV) as of May 1 if the foundation work is only two-thirds complete. Everything else is on schedule.
  5. SV as of May 1.
  6. Actual cost as of May 1 is $160,000. Calculate the cost variance (CV) as of May 1.
  7. Schedule performance index (SPI)
  8. Cost performance index (CPI)
  9. Estimate to complete (ETC), assuming that the previous cost variances will not affect future costs
  10. Estimate at completion (EAC)

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1. Budget Cost Baseline is time schedule for the estimated cost of expenditure for the project with the estimated timeline. It is the another most important factor in project management along with pro
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