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(Solved): Discussion 10: The Public Good - PAF 200...

In the conversation “Public Service Missions in the For-Profit Sector,” Noelle Paige discuss the tensions and possibilities of contributing to the public good through work in the private sector. After listening to the conversation and reviewing the other assigned materials for this week, address the following:

  • Identify three points from this conversation that have influenced your understanding of public service, how for-profit organizations can contribute to the public good, and/or the trajectories of public service careers. 
  • Explain how we know whether a career in the private sector actually contributes to the public good. Identify and describe any examples of careers that either don't contribute to the public good or where it is unclear whether it contributes to the public good?
  • Research and identify an example of a private sector job that contributes to the public good. Include the link to the job ad in your post.

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