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Unit (No. and Name):

Unit GA33COM07 Network Communication Protocols

Assignment Title:

Assessment 1

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Submission Date:



Marking Tutor:

Denys Lewis

Internal Verifier (Brief):

Soyful Islam

Brief Verified (Date):


Internal Verifier (Assessment)

Soyful Islam



Unit: 10 Communication Technologies






Understand the nature and applications of different types of




Understand the importance of communication protocols.



Appreciate the need for network security.


Work handed in against this brief must be the learner’s own work. Any content not generated by the learner must be appropriately referenced; otherwise, it will be taken to be that of the learner submitting it.  Any infringement of the College’s Plagiarism guidelines will result in the Assignment not being marked and Disciplinary proceedings initiated.


With the explosion of Internet technologies, such as voice over IP, Skype, podcasting, cable television, Internet gaming, mobile devices email and chat, communication technologies and networking protocols are now at the core of everyday life.   Unique Technology are building on their continued success, now in their seventh year of trading, they have been providing an outstanding service, with the highest quality equipment and all the latest technology, at competitive prices.  Specialising in the supply and installation of communication solutions for a vast array of businesses. Unique Technology currently maintain over 5000 systems throughout the UK, and now wish to expand their business processes to penetrate the European Market, with this in-mind they are seeking to deploy their existing personnel into Europe, this has created an opening with the company for a network technical manager.




Unique Technology has offered you the position within the technical communication department. As the network technical manager, you have been asked that you compile a set of reports detailing the points listed below. These technical reports will be used to educate new/current employees the importance of a network infrastructure and its components 



Criteria 1: Understand the nature and applications of different types of network.



Criteria Targeted


You are tasked to compile a report explaining the key components required for client workstations to connect to a network and access network resources and the problems associated with sharing these resources, you must also identify network types and relate them to their uses: I.E LAN, WAN, intranets and the Internet

1.1, 1.2,


You have been asked to create a presentation to explain the 5 main network topologies and evaluate their advantages, identifying specific situations were these are used.

Where possible utilise photographs, images and diagrams, to support your explanation


Compare wired and wireless networks identifying the advantages and disadvantages.

Compare a peer-to-peer and a client server network evaluating their use in different situations.

1.3, 1.4, 1.5


Criteria 2: Understand the importance of communication protocols.


Describe what is meant when using the terms “Bit Rate, Baud Rate, Baseband and Broadband explaining how these affect network communication.



Describe asynchronous data transmission explaining how start and stop bits and odd and even parity is used.



Explain the importance of network protocols including handshaking.

You must consider the OSI and the TCP/IP models giving a detailed explanation of ALL the separate layers and their functions.


Criteria 3: Appreciate the need for network security.


Explain the terms computer viruses, hacking and phishing.



Evaluate the importance and usefulness of firewalls and digital certificates.



Evaluate the risks to individuals and organisations of malicious software and the potential effectiveness of anti-virus software.





General Information


For ALL tasks you MUST produce a bibliography which states where you found your information or images and, if a website, the date you found it.


Your research should include Internet, the college library and external sources.


When carrying out your research and preparing your work refer to the Assessment Guidance sheet in the Unit Specification document to determine how much to do for each level of achievement.


All work must be given an appropriate name and saved in an appropriate folder in your network area.


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