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(Solved): COM4002: Website Design - Design Specification Task Report...

You are required to do an individual assignment with a scenario involving the design, implementation and testing of a prototype static website to meet the specified requirements, plus documentation of the design implementation and testing. We recommend you follow the given tasks below for better assignment structure and presentation.

Event management relies heavily on promoting their businesses online. To do so, they need to research the customers and ways to encourage them to come to these events.

Events could be entertainment events (such as musicals and gigs), could be academic events such as conferences, sports events such as football games, or commercial events such as exhibitions. Pick a theme and write a case study for it.

Task 1 - The Case Study:
Present your case study based on the topic presented above. (300 words) (5 marks)

Task 2- Background Research:
Review at least ten websites promoting businesses similar to your case study. Reflect on the design, usability, features (functionality) and accessibility of these websites.You may present your findings in a summarised tabular format. (600 words) (15 marks)

Task 3- Web Planning:
Using a defined approach to modelling, present a plan for your website to include design, usability, functionality, and accessibility features. Your plans should separate design specification from content. (700 words) (20 marks)

Task 4- Web Design:
Based on your findings in tasks 2 and 3, make your web technologies recommendations including choice of URL, service provider, and method of implementation  (400 words) (10 marks)

Task 5- Implementation and Testing:
Implement your website and provide testing logs. You should provide screenshots of every page with an explanation of any design, usability, functionality, and accessibility features included. (600 words) (40 marks)

Task 6- Optimisation:
Suggest ways to optimise your website using search engines, mobile accessibility, advertising revenues, and local exposure. (400 words) (10 marks)

The word limits are just a suggestion for word distributions. You are free to change
this distribution provided your overall does not exceed 3000 words.



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