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(Solved): COM312: Module 3: Discussion Post - Experience...

For this discussion post,  think about an experience you've had with ONE of the following concepts from this module:

  • groupthink
  • Abilene Paradox
  • Lucifer Effect
  • Prisoner's Dilemma

Include the following in your reflection:

  1. Brief summary of what happened (2-3 sentences)
  2. Which concept (or concepts) you saw play out in the situation (Pick only 1 of the 4 listed concepts)
  3. Description of why you think that concept is relevant to the situation you experienced (Use book and/or lectures to explain - cite ideas in APA style. You may also use additional concepts from our readings to further develop your point.) Bold concepts.
  4. Explanation of how the situation could have been improved or avoided based on the book’s and lectures’ advice about these topics  

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