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(Solved): COM312: Module 7: Discussion Post - Asking for Something...

For this post, on two different occasions this week, ask for something you want/would like that you normally would not ask for. You can ask for something small or something large (e.g. a discount at a store, for your roommate to clean the apartment, a raise). Then, in your post:

  1. Describe the two things you asked for.
  1. Explain why you normally would not ask for them. Why was this outside your comfort zone?
  2. How did you prepare (background research, mental preparation, planning the time and place, etc.)? Be specific.
  3. Discuss what happened when you asked (e.g. how you felt, how the other person responded, etc.).
  4. Finally, explain what you learned from this experience. 
  5. Remember to bring in our course concepts (bold) and ideas from this course (cited) that define, explain, and/or back your points.

Note—do NOT use these “asks” as part of your final paper. The final paper is about negotiations, which are more complex, and you shouldn’t duplicate your own work, anyway!

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