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(Solved): COM312: Module 1: Discussion Post - Perspective Taking...

For this post, recall the last time you became angry with someone, then do the following:

  • Briefly (1-2 sentences) explain what the other person did that angered you.
  • Next, imagine yourself in the other person’s shoes; in other words, that you had done exactly what that person did.
  • Then provide as many reasonable explanations for why she/he might have done this.
  • Explain what this activity tells you about perspective taking. Bring in AT LEAST 1 specific concept from our readings and/or lectures (bold term) and use our course material to define, explain and/or back your point, citing in-text using APA style.

(NOTE: Do not focus on justifying your anger or criticizing the other person for what she/he did. You goal is to take the other person’s perspective and see the situation from his/her point of view.)

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