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(Solved): COM312: Conflict & negotiation | Module 1: Reading quiz...

Question 1

Compromising early in a conflict is typically a good idea.

  •   True
  •    False


Question 2

Michelle left dirty dishes in the sink for a couple of days. When her roommate Tania saw this, she left a note on Michelle's door demanding that Michelle clean up after herself. After reading the note, Michelle angrily put her garbage cans in front of Tania's door. Tania then went into Michelle's room and poured the garbage on her bed. This is an example of

  •   parallel spiraling.
  •   differentiation.
  •    gunny-sacking.
  •   schismogenesis.


Question 3

People who smooth over conflicts and are quick to give in are most likely using which conflict style?

  •   Competitive
  •   Collaborative
  •    Accommodating
  •   Avoidant


Question 4

According to our textbook, certain aspects of relationships have the potential to create conflict when people perceive that they are lacking. They include all of the following EXCEPT

  •   status.
  •   information.
  •   money.
  •  dedication.


Question 5

According to our lectures, the closer we are to another person,

  •   the less conflict we have with them.
  •   the more conflict we tend to have with them.
  •   the less civil we tend to be.
  •   the more civil we tend to be.


Question 6

Communication and conflict are not things we do to each other, but things we do with each other. This is part of the

  •   linear model of communication.
  •    transactional model of communication.
  •   meta-conflict perspective.
  •   transformative model of communication.


Question 7

Which conflict style does the text say is most favorable?

  •   Compromising
  •    Collaborating
  •   Avoiding
  •   Accommodating


Question 8

Reframing what other people say during conflict can help change the tone and move it toward a productive resolution. All of the following are good reframing practices EXCEPT

  •    define the names others call you during conflict.
  •   say “we” instead of “you and me.”
  •   ask open-ended questions.
  •   redirect attacks against you as attacks against the problem.


Question 9

_____ is the communication behavior people use based on how they analyze a conflict situation.

  •    Conflict resolution
  •   Meta-conflict perspective
  •   Transactive activity
  •   Conflict management


Question 10

All of the following are included in our text book's definition of interpersonal conflict EXCEPT

  •   potential to adversely affect the relationship.
  •   interdependence of conflict parties.
  •    usually harmful and best if avoided.
  •   perception of incompatible goals or outcomes.

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