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(Solved): COM263: Elements of Intercultural Communication: Lesson 2 Short Answer...

Elements of Intercultural Communication

Lesson 2 Short Answer


Your assignment is worth 25 points.

Please make sure you have answered all questions prior to submitting. Once you click the submit button, you will not be able to return.

Answer each of the questions below in short-answer format. Write your responses in complete sentences. Your answers to each question should be one to two paragraphs.

Be sure to carefully read each question to ensure that all components are answered with the appropriate depth and detail. Your answers should be free of spelling and grammar errors. When using reference material, you must properly cite your sources using in-text citations. You must also include a reference list. All documentation must be rendered in APA citation style (see announcements for details on APA).

The Rio Salado Online Library is the best source for authoritative, validated information on your research topics.

Review the Short Answer Grading Rubric as you prepare to complete this assignment.



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  1. What is meant by the statement, "Learning about difference and why it matters will help us be more competent communicators"?
  2. Identify and discuss three (3) ways in which social classes exhibit cultural differences.
  3. What do we lose, and what do we gain, by using general terms such as Asian American and Native American when referring to cultural groups in the United States? Identity and discuss three (3) advantages or disadvantages of this approach.
  4. How might your own cultural biases keep you from communicating effectively interculturally?
  5. What is the relationship between our personal, social, and cultural identities? Provide an example of each and discuss how it helps define your own identity.

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