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(Solved): CO3348 Interaction design | Coursework assignments 1 and 2 2019–20 ...

University of London
Computing and Information Systems/Creative Computing
CO3348 Interaction design
Coursework assignments 1 and 2 2019–20


Coursework assignment 1
The interfaces between a driver and a car have been evolving rapidly from the familiar and similar functions, designs and interaction in use since the 1920s. Recent innovations have included supplementing car driving aids and infotainment systems with services based on smart phones. The use of smart phones in cars, however, is not permitted in many countries as it is considered too distracting. Many cars are now connected to the Internet so drivers have access to a variety of services via the built in functions.


Write an essay presenting the elements explored in the bullet points below, and draw your own conclusions about the appropriateness and safety aspects of the increasing complexity and interaction techniques now being used in cars. Try to find specific examples of systems being used in recent and current car models to help support your arguments.

  • Explore the evolution of interactions used in cars over the last 100 years to drive the car, to select functions such as adjusting mirrors, opening windows and selecting lights, and to use the entertainment systems.
  • Explore the recent evolution of in-car infotainment systems and driver aids, and the evolution of the interactions employed to use these in-car systems. In particular, compare and contrast the interactions between the in-car systems and similar systems on a smart phone.
  • Propose three usability principles that could be used to explore if the trend in infotainment system design and interactions is appropriate for use in cars and what the safety implications of these systems might be.

Marks are distributed as follows:
Report content: 95 marks
Report presentation: 5 marks
[Total: 100 marks]



Coursework assignment 2
After completing coursework assignment 1, you should move on to explore interfaces being developed for current and future self- or shared-driving cars. In particular, you should consider what you would build into the interface and the driving experience to ensure that a driver could take control of the car in an emergency.
You should have sufficient knowledge to begin to design and mock-up a prototype interface for a self- or shared-driving car. The interface should concentrate on the infotainment system and the driver aids, but could also include the main driving controls if you have some design ideas that you think are relevant.
Remember that this is intended as an early prototype and that the focus of the work being undertaken is on the interaction mechanisms and the interface to the technology rather than a fully functional application. This coursework assignment is intended to give you some experience in early design practice.

a. Produce two realistic personas of different typical users/drivers, with accompanying scenarios showing how the two users would use the self-driving/shared-driving cars.
b. Clearly identify the core and the additional smart functionality that your design provides.
c. State, with good supporting evidence, what specific interactions you are using in your car interface, and why your choices are safe based on what we understand about people and how they handle the tasks associated with driving. You should highlight what aspects of your design help drivers take control in an emergency, and what other design or academic work you are basing those specific aspects of your design on.
Note: You should create a design that is your own work and not a copy of an existing design. Do not duplicate existing interfaces but find an original solution of your own.

Marks are distributed as follows:
Personas and Scenarios: 30 marks
Design mock-up: 50 marks
Design justification: 15 marks
Critique: 5 marks
[Total: 100 marks]

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