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(Solved): CIS 365 – Business Database Systems HW9.1 – Advanced DML (70 points)...

CIS 365 – Business Database Systems
HW9.1 – Advanced DML (70 points)

How to put comments in your homework submission -

1. Display Condo id, building number, booking id, and booking start date in year 2020. (10 points)

2. Show all building C condos cleaned in August 2019. Display the condo ID, date cleaned, housekeeper’s first and last name. Display and label the first name and last name together in one column as Housekeeper. (10 points)

3. Display guides who didn't renew their certificates within 2 years. List their ID, first name, last name, certificate date, and renew date. (10 points)
4. Show guides who have led more than 8 reservations. Display guide id, last name, hire date, the number of reservations (label as "Reservations per Guide"). The highest count will be displayed first. (10 points)
5. Display the guest id, guest first name and last name, booking start date, and condo id. Label the 'Guest Name' and order the result by guest ID and then start date. (15 Points)
6. Count the number of girls and boys in each age group. The result will show age group, relationship, and count number. All the girls will be listed first, and then boys. Within each boy and girl group, order the age from the youngest to the oldest. (15 points).
Due Date: EOD Thursday 10/28
• Take a screenshot of your query statement and result in MS SQL. Paste all queries/results in your Word doc. (SnagIt available in ASU software tool library is a good screen shot tool)
• Convert the entire document into one pdf file for submission.
• Save your file name as HW9.1-Student Name.pdf.
• Submissions must be posted to Canvas to be graded.

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