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(Solved): CIS 365 – Business Database Systems HW2.2 – ERDs...

CIS 365 – Business Database Systems
HW2.2 – ERDs (45 points)

This is an individual exercise, NOT a group assignment.
• Only include necessary attributes specified in the business rules.
• Identifiers will be bold and underlined.
• Resolve any M:N relationship and show the after/final diagram.
• You will need to use unary, binary, and ternary degrees in this homework.

1. A bridal shop helps brides and grooms plan for their wedding. Keep track of the social security numbers, the names of the brides and grooms, along with their wedding dates and locations. To simplify the design, a separate Wedding entity is not needed. (5 points)

2. A book club has many members who meet every month to share their thinking and ideas about the book they read each month. They rotate the meeting host and location every month. Keep track of the member's names, contact info, book title, author, along with the monthly meeting date, meeting host and location. (10 points)

3. In a university, a student needs to register at least one course. A course needs to be taken by at least one student. The student record tracks each student's ID, name, and contact info. Each course has its course ID and title. The registration record has the registration ID, semester, schedule, and class room. Each course is assigned to only one professor, but each professor needs to teach at least one course. The DB tracks the professor's ID and name. (15 points)

4. A laboratory has several chemists who are assigned to work on one or more projects. Chemists may also use certain kinds of equipment on each project. Data tracked for the chemist includes employee ID, name, email. Equipment info includes a serial number, date acquired by the lab, and cost. Project information tracked for a project include ID, category, and start date. When a piece of equipment is assigned to a chemist working on a specific project, the assignment date is recorded. A chemist must be assigned to at least one project and one equipment item. A given piece of equipment need not be assigned and a given project need not be assigned either a chemist or an equipment item. Given these business rules, draw the ERD and answer the next set of questions. (15 points)

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