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(Solved): Charlotte, Age 30, Is Pregnant For The Third Time. Her First Pregnancy, At Age 27, Resulted In A Mis...

Charlotte, age 30, is pregnant for the third time. Her first pregnancy, at age 27, resulted in a miscarriage at 10 weeks. Her second pregnancy, Jayson, weighed 12 pounds at birth. During that pregnancy she had an abnormal glucose tolerance test and was diagnosed with GDM.

- Charlotte is Native American, weighs 185 pounds and is 5’ 3”. She has glucosuria.

- Charlotte has a family history of a first degree relative with diabetes.

a. What kind of complications does the neonatal nurse taking care of Charlotte’s baby need to monitor for?

b. What would the nurse do to prevent or treat these neonatal complications

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a. As the baby of Charlotte has macrosomia, there are chances that the complication of gestational diabetes mellitus
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