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(Solved): Business data analytics|jmp|tableau|excel|Create Pricing Formula for renting Airbnb in Chicago...

Task: Create Pricing Formula for renting Airbnb in Chicago.

create a new column in the data where you do a formula that would calculate all the fees together and create a "cost per day" or something that could be used to determine the spectrum of cost for each rental from least to most expensive.

Hypothesis:  All areas have the same average cost?

USE DATA: Fees: (cleaning, minimum nights required, security deposit, cancellation fee)

  • Use JMP Pro Excel, and Tableau
  • Must perform some data cleaning (outlier analysis)
  • Test correlations between data variables
  • Perform appropriate statistical test (t-test, ANOVA, Regression, Cluster analysis)




Q1: Is the hypothesis true explain why in a few sentences.

Q2: Use tableau and show the areas with rentals from least to most expensive. Explain in your own words why they are expensive and why they are cheap.

Q3: If hypothesis is not true, explain why its not true in a few sentences.



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