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(Solved): BUSINESS COMMUNICATION – Homework | Problem 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 & 12...

Problem 8:

1. Revisit the location of your 5S project. Write a brief paragraph comparing the ending state of your project to the current state of the area. If pictures would be useful, they may be included in your post. Correct any non-conformities (remove unnecessary items, ensure necessary items are placed correctly). Use the plan to sustain improvements to evaluate the area. If the plan for sustaining is not being followed or is not helpful, revise the plan and include the revision with your comments.

2. Select one other student's posted audit and post your own comment or suggestions. Perhaps you can identify further improvements to the area or suggest ways to sustain the improvements more effectively.


Problem 9 :

1. Write a brief paragraph discussing the resistance office employees might have when it comes to implementing lean in their work areas. Compare the reactions of office employees and production employees to lean initiatives.

2. Select one other student's posted comment, and respond to it by posting your own comment or reaction.


Problem 10:

Individual Assignment 5: Poka-yoke and A3 Reporting

Consider mistakes that are commonly made during some task you do (or supervise) either at home, school, or work. Examples of common mistakes include putting a postage stamp in the wrong corner of an envelope or putting NiMH batteries in a NiCd battery charger.

Select a common mistake and devise a poka-yoke to prevent the mistake. Remember, poka-yokes should be simple, low cost, and used 100% of the time. If possible, implement the poka-yoke.

Prepare a problem-solving A3 report that explains the mistake and the proposed poka-yoke. Follow the conventional format for A3 reports, including background information, goal, and proposed solution. A3 reports can be handwritten if neatly done. Sketches or pictures may be included if clearly labeled. A template is available in this unit.


Problem 11 :
Write a brief paragraph discussing lean management assessment presented in the text. Do you believe this would be an effective method of documenting status? What would you add or delete from the radar chart's dimensions?


Problem 12:

Write a brief paragraph discussing how you could apply lean principles and continuous improvement to either your everyday life or your work. Which techniques do you think would be most useful? What challenges do you anticipate?

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