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(Solved): BUSINESS COMMUNICATION – Homework | Problem 2...

Problem 2:

1. Choose a task that involves the preparation of a snack, breakfast item, or beverage that meets the following criteria:

  • Requires use of a machine
  • Can be performed by one person (a second person may be needed for timing)
  • Requires materials and machines readily accessible to you
  • Uses at least two materials or ingredients which are stored in separate areas at least 3 feet apart
  • Uses at least one tool or utensil
  • Requires visiting at least three locations
  • Uses at least two containers
  • Transfers materials between containers at least once
  • Has at least two key points to be inspected
  • Takes more than one minute and less than four minutes to complete including machine time
  • Could be demonstrated and/or recorded for public viewing

2. Write a brief description of the task and sketch the work area of task performance. Instructor approval of the task through email must be received before proceeding. Task description and work area sketch should also be included in the final submission.

3. After instructor approval has been received, define the work sequence for the task. The work sequence shows the steps required to complete the task. Be specific in documenting task performance.

4. Perform the task several times. Allow another person to perform the task several times. Be sure the work sequence is being used each time. Continue to perform the task (following the work sequence) while your partner (or an assistant) uses a stopwatch to determine the time to perform each step in the task. Multiple times for each step as well as overall cycle times should be recorded. A table showing the work sequence and the recorded times and average time for each step should be included in the final packet.

5. Prepare a Job Element Sheet for the task including an abbreviated procedure, key points to check, and sketch of the final product with check points identified.

6. Prepare a Standard Work Analysis Chart listing the steps of the process and where each step is performed on a layout of the work area. Identify the time units used.

7. Create a Standard Work Combination Table for the task. This table lists the steps in the process and indicates the time for each step and shows the busy/idle status of the worker and the machine(s). Identify the time units used.

8. Write a paragraph evaluation of your work. Identify any problems encountered. If you were to repeat this project, identify improvements or changes to the task you would make.

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