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(Solved): BUS384 Quiz 1.5 and 1.6 : Submitted 24 May ...

BUS384 Quiz 1.5  and 1.6 

Submitted 24 May 


QIUZ 1.5

Which of the following goods or services has the highest service content?

  • a. A toothpaste  
  • b. A bicycle    
  • c. A medicine prescription    
  • d. A psychiatric session    

In the context of a customer benefit package (CBP), which of the following is true of a variant?

  • a. It is also known as a peripheral good or service.    
  • b. It is a feature that adheres to the standard CBP.    
  • c. It is the core offering that attracts customers.    
  • d. It is normally location specific or firm specific.


A _____ is the core offering that attracts customers and responds to their basic needs.

  • a. primary good or service    
  • b. secondary good or service    
  • c. peripheral good or service    
  • d. tertiary good or service


Which of the following defines a customer benefit package (CBP)?

  • a. It is a collection of all the resources, such as labor, equipment, materials, and information, which are used to create customer satisfaction.    
  • b. It is a set of all the moments of truth between the customer and the service provider in a service encounter.    
  • c. It is a clearly defined set of tangible and intangible features that customers recognize, pay for, use, or experience.    
  • d. It is an organization's ability to strategically blend its current business needs with the wants and needs of its customers.



QUIZ 1.6
Which of the following statements is true of a supply chain?

  • a. It focuses primarily on the physical movement of goods and materials.    
  • b. It is broader in scope than a value chain.    
  • c. It originates from the human resource management function of an organization.    
  • d. It is easier to apply to service-providing firms than a value chain.


Which of the following statements is true of core processes?

  • a. They are behind the scenes processes that support primary processes.    
  • b. They include the processes of inventory management and research and development.    
  • c. They include the processes of human resource management and marketing.    
  • d. They are focused on delivering services that create value for customers.


_____ are "behind the scenes" business processes that include purchasing materials and supplies used in manufacturing, managing inventory, installation, day care on-site services, and research and development.

  • a. Support processes    
  • b. Core processes    
  • c. Principal processes    
  • d. Primary processes

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BUS 384 Quiz 1.5

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