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(Solved): BUS 384 TEST 8 | Updated Jun 5 2020...

BUS 384 TEST 8

 Updated Jun 5 2020

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Which of the following is a limitation of a process layout?

  •  a. It affects the entire system if any equipment in the layout fails.    
  •  b. It has higher worker skill requirements.    
  •  c. It has highly specialized equipment requirements.    
  •  d. It generally requires a low investment for the production of machines.


In a cellular layout, the procedure of classifying parts with similar processing requirements into families is called _____.

  •  a. group technology    
  •  b. traits analysis    
  •  c. batch processing    
  •  d. commonality identification


Which of the following is true of a cellular layout?

  •  a. It remains stationary rather than moving work-in-process from one work center to another.    
  •  b. Its workflow is not standardized.    
  •  c. It is not designed according to the functional characteristics of equipment.    
  •  d. Its quality problems are not addressed timely.


Which of the following is true of fixed-position layouts?

  • a. The changeover requirements are low.    
  • b. The automation potential is moderate.    
  • c. The volume of product demand is high.    
  • d. The equipment utilization is high.


The production of large goods such as ships is best accomplished using a _____.

  •  a. product layout    
  • b. process layout    
  • c. cellular layout    
  • d. fixed-position layout


Organizations that need the ability to provide a wide variety of services to customers with differing requirements usually use a _____.

  •  a. cellular layout    
  •  b. process layout    
  •  c. fixed-position layout    
  •  d. product layout


The objective of assembly-line balancing is to:

  •  a. minimize the imbalance among workstations while trying to achieve a desired output rate.    
  •  b. maximize the cost of operations while trying to reduce the cycle time.    
  •  c. maximize the cycle time while trying to minimize the cost of operations.    
  •  d. minimize the imbalance among workstations while trying to maximize the cycle time.


In the context of assembly-line balancing, _____ is the difference between total time available and the sum of the actual times for productive tasks.

  • a. Blocking delay    
  • b. Lack-of-work delay    
  • c. Idle time    
  • d. Cycle time


An assembly line with 30 activities is to be balanced. The total amount of time required for all 30 activities is 45 minutes. The line will operate for 420 minutes per day. Which of the following must be the cycle time to achieve an output rate of 300 units/day?

  •  a. 0.80 minutes    
  •  b. 1.4 minutes    
  •  c. 2.4 minutes    
  •  d. 3.0 minutes


FancyTrends Inc., a handbag manufacturing company, assembles handbags in an assembly line using 10 workstations. The target output for an 8 hour workday is 120 bags. The sum of the task times is 30 minutes/bag. The cycle time is 4 minutes/bag. The assembly-line efficiency is _____.

  • a. 65%    
  • b. 70%    
  • c. 75%    
  • d. 80%

Which of the following is an objective of ergonomics?

  •  a. To increase the cost of doing a job while reducing fatigue    
  •  b. To reduce energy requirements while increasing accuracy    
  •  c. To increase the possibility of human errors while decreasing the cost of training    
  •  d. To reduce the flexibility in an operation while increasing speed


Facility layout does not enhance sustainability in service-producing organizations.

  •   a. True
  •   b. False

Process layouts require simple planning and control systems.

  •   a. True
  •   b. False


In a cellular layout, additional floor space is required because machines are not very closely linked within a cell.

  •   a. True
  •   b. False

A Gallup study showed that there is no significant difference found in the productivities among workers who are allowed to personalize their workplaces and those who are not.

  •   a. True
  •   b. False

Research has shown that bringing the outdoor environment into the workplace lowers stress.

  •   a. True
  •   b. False

According to a study conducted by Software Advice, the likelihood of consumers buying a particular product remains unaffected even when the production of that product causes reduced environmental impact.

  •   a. True
  •   b. False

________  _____________ usually require a high level of planning and control compared with other types of facility layouts.

__________      _____________ is the interval between successive outputs coming off the assembly line.

 ___________    _________ is vertical expansion of job duties to give the worker more responsibility.    


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