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(Solved): BUS 384 : Concept Check 6.1 and 6.2...

BUS 384 : Concept Check 6.1 and 6.2

Submitted 28 May

The _____ of a supply chain is the configuration of resources such as suppliers, factories, warehouses, distributors, technical support centers, engineering design and sales offices, and communication links.

  •  a. network structure    
  •  b. virtual structure    
  •  c. informal structure    
  •  d. operational structure


Which of the following supply chain design decisions involves protecting and honoring patents from other countries?

  •  a. Sourcing    
  •  b. Logistics    
  •  c. Technology    
  •  d. Outsourcing


_____ is a key supply chain design decision that involves selecting suppliers from whom to purchase.

  • a. Logistics    
  • b. Sustainability    
  • c. Sourcing    
  • d. Technology


Which of the following statements is true of an efficient supply chain?

  •  a. It is supported by information technology that provides real-time, accurate information to managers across the supply chain.    
  •  b. It has the ability to respond to market changes faster than a responsive supply chain.    
  •  c. It works efficiently even when demand for goods and services is unpredictable.    
  •  d. It is designed for efficiency and low cost by minimizing inventory and maximizing efficiencies in process flow


_____ focuses on flexibility and responsive service and is able to react quickly to changing market demand and requirements.

  • a. The center-of-gravity method    
  • b. The push-pull boundary    
  • c. An efficient supply chain    
  • d. A responsive supply chain


In responsive supply chains, a focus on flexibility and response is best when:

  •  a. goods and services have highly predictable demand.    
  •  b. efficiency and low cost are the main competitive priority.    
  •  c. product lines have long life cycles and do not change frequently.    
  •  d. customers require customization


A _____ produces goods in advance of customer demand using a forecast of sales and moves them through the supply chain to points of sale, where they are stored as finished-goods inventory.

  •  a. pull system    
  •  b. make-to-order supply chain    
  •  c. value chain    
  •  d. push system


Which of the following statements is true of a pull system?

  •  a. It has an advantage of immediate availability of goods to customers.    
  •  b. It works best when there are few distribution centers and products.    
  •  c. It minimizes inventory and production costs.    
  •  d. It views a supply chain from "left to right."


In the context of supply chain design trade-offs, _____ refers to acquiring capabilities toward suppliers.

  • a. backward integration    
  • b. contract manufacturing    
  • c. forward integration    
  • d. outsourcing


Which of the following is true of firms that outsource?

  •  a. They acquire capabilities toward suppliers.    
  •  b. They do not have ownership of the outsourced process or function.    
  •  c. They cannot outsource skilled knowledge work and simple service work.    
  •  d. They integrate both backward and forward.


_____ are businesses that provide integrated services that might include packaging, warehousing, inventory management, and inbound or outbound transportation.

  • a. Distribution centers    
  • b. Push-pull enterprises    
  • c. Contract manufacturers    
  • d. Third-party logistics providers


_____ is the building, acquiring, or moving of process capabilities from a domestic location to another country location while maintaining ownership and control.

  • a. Outsourcing    
  • b. Offshoring    
  • c. Insourcing    
  • d. Reshoring


_____ is the process of moving operations back to a company's domestic location.

  •  a. Insourcing    
  •  b. Outsourcing    
  •  c. Offshoring    
  •  d. Reshoring


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