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(Solved): BUS 384 : Concept Check 4.1 4.3 and 4.4...

BUS384:   Concept Check 4.1 4.3 and 4.4

Submitted 28 May

Which of the following is an example of hard technology?

  •  a. Database systems    
  •  b. Voice-recognition programs    
  •  c. Artificial intelligence programs    
  •  d. Radio-frequency identification tags


Which of the following statements is true of radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags?

  •  a. They can help identify genuine products from counterfeit knock-offs.    
  •  b. They are designed to learn more about customers' wants, needs, and behaviors.    
  •  c. They help firms gain competitive advantage by forecasting customer retention rates.    
  •  d. They help identify which customers should be the focus of targeted marketing initiatives.


_____ represent the union of hardware, software, database management, and communications to automate and control production activities, from planning and design to manufacturing and distribution.

  • a. Event-driven marketing systems    
  • b. Computer-integrated manufacturing systems    
  • c. Enterprise resource planning systems    
  • d. Customer relationship management systems


_____ can be used to design, analyze, test, simulate, and manufacture products before they physically exist, thus ensuring that a product can be manufactured to specifications when it is released to the shop floor.

  •  a. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems    
  •  b. Flexible manufacturing systems (FMSs)    
  •  c. Computer-aided engineering (CAE) systems    
  •  d. Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems


Which of the following is true of nanotechnology?

  •  a. It can be used to develop faster computer processing.    
  •  b. It can be used to segment markets based on demographic characteristics.    
  •  c. It can be used to forecast customer retention and defection rates.    
  •  d. It can be used to learn more about customers' wants, needs, and behaviors.


Customer relationship management (CRM) helps firms gain and maintain competitive advantage by:

  • a. encouraging firms to produce standardized goods for all customers.    
  • b. merging all demographic-based and behavior-based segments of markets.    
  • c. prohibiting firms from bundling goods and services together.    
  • d. forecasting customer retention and defection rates.    


Customer relationship management (CRM) can be used to:

  •  a. merge all demographic-based segments of markets.    
  •  b. encourage the production of standardized goods for all customers to reduce manufacturing costs.    
  •  c. identify which transactions are likely to be fraudulent.    
  •  d. help firms gain competitive advantage by making counterfeit knock-offs of genuine products.


Which of the following is a benefit of adopting technology?

  • a. It becomes easy to protect customers' privacy and security.    
  • b. It increases the number of human service providers.    
  • c. It increases opportunities for employee creativity.    
  • d. It raises the standard of living of the world.


Which of the following is a challenge of adopting technology?

  •  a. It leads to information overload.    
  •  b. It results in poor productivity and quality.    
  •  c. It decreases the speed and flexibility of processes.    
  •  d. It deteriorates the standard of living of the world.


Which of the following is true of microprocessor-based information and communication technology (ICT)?

  •  a. It has negatively impacted the sustainability of firms.    
  •  b. It has led to the phenomenon of dematerialization.    
  •  c. It has disabled flexible work options, which has resulted in low productivity.    
  •  d. It has reduced operational and material efficiencies of firms.


_____ is a phenomenon by which the same or an increased quality and quantity of goods and/or services are created using fewer natural resources.

  •  a. Dematerialization    
  •  b. Intermediation    
  •  c. Demassification    
  •  d. Globalization


In the context of technology decisions and implementation, the interaction of technology, people, and processes is called _____.

  •  a. the automation revolution    
  •  b. a value stream    
  •  c. a lean operating system    
  •  d. the sociotechnical system


For an operations manager, the process of designing the sociotechnical system includes:

  • a. making decisions about job specialization versus enlargement.    
  • b. segmenting markets based on demographic and behavioral characteristics.    
  • c. protecting customers' privacy and security.    
  • d. tracking sales trends and advertising effectiveness.


Amigo, a matrimonial website, is essentially information intensive. It allows people to create an account for free and post information about themselves on the site. Amigo does not incur much cost to extend its services to new customers. Given this information, Amigo is most likely to:

  •  a. have fixed costs that constitute approximately 80 to 85 percent of total costs.    
  •  b. earn very low revenue from additional customers.    
  •  c. have variable costs that comprise about 80 to 85 percent of total costs.    
  •  d. have extremely high incremental costs.


First Light, an online news portal, earlier provided its services in Asia and Africa. It recently extended its services to North and South America. This move proved very successful as First Light experienced substantial increase in revenues at very low additional costs. In this scenario, First Light is most likely to have _____.

  • a. zero scalability    
  • b. low scalability    
  • c. infinite scalability    
  • d. high scalability


If an organization establishes a business where the incremental cost to serve more customers is zero, then the firm is said to have _____.

  •  a. infinite scalability    
  •  b. high scalability    
  •  c. zero scalability    
  •  d. low scalability

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