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(Solved): A Group Of Investigators Are Studying A Treatment That Can Help Reduce LDL Cholesterol Level. The Fo...

A group of investigators are studying a treatment that can help reduce LDL Cholesterol level. The following data shows the LDL at the beginning and the end of the observation period from a sample of ten participants randomly selected from a specific patient population who received the treatment. Subject ID 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 LDL at the beginning 186 144 154 174 165 172 158 170 160 158 LDL at the end 142 113 101 122 129 136 139 138 125 110 (a) Calculate the Mean LDL at the beginning and Mean LDL at the end of the treatment. (b) Perform a non-parametric signed rank test to test whether the reduction in LDL (use LDL at the beginning minus LDL at the end) is greater than 30, at 5% level of significance. Please include output tables from statistical software that are useful in supporting and interpreting your result. (Hint: You can compute the differences first, and then follow the instruction in Signed Rank Test for One Sample to test for median is greater than 30.) Null hypothesis: Alternative hypothesis

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