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(Solved): A Construction Company Has 3 Categories Of Casual Workers. Category A,B And C. Workers In Categories...

A construction company has 3 categories of casual workers. Category A,B and C. Workers in categories A are paid 1000 per day for first 25 days, you are paid 800 per day for less than 25 days, any extra day after 25th you are paid 1200 per day. In categorie B you are paid 800 per day if you work for 25 days otherwise you are paid 600 per day if you work for less than 25 days . 1000 per day for any day after 25th.
Category C 600 per day for 25 days , 400 per day for days before 25 days and 800 per day for days after 25th day

1.write an algorithm
2. Translate to flowchart

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