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(Solved): wpc470 strategic management  Quiz1. score 20 out of 20...


Quiz1. strategic management 

Question 1

4 / 4 pts

William Ackman is a hedge fund manager who owned a large share of J.C. Penney stock. He was also a member of the J.C. Penney board. He tried to get the CEO fired, but the board and top management said he breached his boardroom duties when he publicly disclosed information about the CEO search and financial condition of the company. He resigned from the board of directors. This is an example of a contentious relationship between:

  •   all of the stakeholders.
  •   the capital market stakeholders and the organizational stakeholders.
  •   the organizational stakeholders and the product market stakeholders.
  •   the capital market stakeholders and the product market stakeholders

Question 2

4 / 4 pts

Greenleaf Property Management has been earning below-average returns for the last three years. Which of the following statements is true?

  •   Greenleaf will be able to minimally satisfy the demands of each stakeholder.
  •   Greenleaf will not be able to minimally satisfy all stakeholders.
  •    Greenleaf will need to prioritize the demands of its stakeholders based on the political influence each wields 
  •   Greenleaf will be able to satisfy its multiple stakeholders easily as long as the stakeholders are committed to the strategic mission of the firm.

Question 3

 / 4 pts

Henry Ford once said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” The invention of the car is an early example of:

  •   products that were not imitated by competitors.
  •   rapid technological diffusion.
  •   the march of globalization.
  •   disruptive technologies.

Question 4

4 / 4 pts

Refuge Nursing Homes, Inc., (RNH) has been highly profitable in the past 10 years, providing its investors higher returns than those earned by its direct competitors' investors. RNH has a reputation for providing high-paying managerial and hourly-employee jobs. However, recent investigations have revealed that the nursing home residents have been provided substandard care, including non-nutritious and unappetizing meals, non-functional medical equipment, and inadequate patient-care staffing. Which of the following statements best describes the situation?

  •   RNH has earned above-average returns and so has satisfied the needs of all relevant stakeholders. 
  •   RNH has prioritized the demands of capital market stakeholders and organizational stakeholders over the demands of product market stakeholders. 
  •   RNH has been attempting to minimally satisfy the demands of all of its stakeholders.
  •   RNH has been earning below-average returns, so it has had to prioritize the demands of its various stakeholders.

Question 5

4 / 4 pts

The Princeton Alliance Church states on its website that "PAC exists to help you live life to the fullest by knowing God, developing community and bringing hope." This pronouncement is MOST precisely a statement of organizational:

  •   values. 
  •   vision.
  •    structure.
  •    culture.


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