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(Solved): WPC 300 : Assignment 1: Excel Fundamentals-Graduates' Inn Guest database...



 Excel Fundamentals

Question 1

2.5 pts

Provide a screenshot that shows the 3 additional columns indicated in the assignment guidelines (one page is sufficient)


Question 2

2.5 pts

When categorizing the total revenue by room type, we can use which of the following Excel capabilities:

Group of answer choices

All of the answer selections are correct

Sumif() function

Pivot Table

Either a pivot table or the Sumif() function

Question 3

2.5 pts

The type of match to use in a Vlookup() function to assess the resort fee as a possible additional cost for a particular room is:

Group of answer choices

An approximate match

A fuzzy match

An exact match

None of the answer sections are correct

Question 4

2.5 pts

What daily rate did Carlyle Charleston pay?

Group of answer choices





Question 5

2.5 pts

What type of the room did Carlyle Charleston stay in?

Group of answer choices

Quincy Adams

Ocean View

Bay window


Question 6

2.5 pts

What was the total revenue for the Graduates Inn in December?

Group of answer choices

None of the other answers is true




Question 7

2.5 pts

Provide a screenshot of the pie chart that shows the divide of the total revenue in December by room type. Ensure that the percentages for each slice are shown.


Question 8

2.5 pts

Which room type generated the largest total revenue?

Group of answer choices





Question 9

2.5 pts

What was the total of revenue for the Bay-Window rooms in December?

Group of answer choices



None of the other answers is true


Question 10

2.5 pts

Upload the excel file with all sheets that you created to answer the above questions. Don't forget to add your name to the filename. 


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